the adventures of yaya

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Back at Ya!

Again, thanks for all the visits. Wish I knew more about this. Just figure if I keeep the faith, I will finally get it. Some of you guys have awesome sites and I hope to have a better one as I learn.

Redneck Friend came to visit me and then said she had tried to leave me a comment and wound up creating her own blogspot. If that comes to pass, you will be totally entertained by the gals from West Tennessee.

Don't know where to start with my topics or which ones to include. Just know that I kinda like this stuff.

We are under a severe thunderstorm watch tonight. After the cruel tornado that hit us April 2, everyone is a bit antsy. That must be human nature. Where do I go when I hear one is coming? Do I dare invest (or go deeper in debt) for a storm shelter? These are the questions running through not only my little pea brain, but thousands and thousands of other minds.

Carney (my mom) called Janice (Poopie's mom) yesterday and asked her how her pimento cheese was holding out. These two precious ladies keep (or kept, my dad is gone to a better place now)pimento cheese at all times in the fridge for their men. Not Mrs. Weaver's either. It is hand made down to the grating of the cheese. Janice informed her she was set with her pimento cheese. Last night Carney received a call and Janice told her she was mistaken. Her daughter had come to check on her and see how she was coping with the broken ankle. After Poopie left, Janice discovered she had no mo minner cheese. She put in an order for some more. She will receive it tomorrow. Ain't nuttin' like good ole homemade minner cheese!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Poopie Happened

Poopie just happened to mention my amateur blogself today and I want to say thanks to all of you who were kind enough to make me feel so welcome.

Can't explain how awkward I feel now, but I will give it a try from time to time.

Poopie happened into my life probably before I could even crawl. Her mother Janice and my mother Carolyn (Carney) were friends who both worked and played together in their younger days. They worked at the Unemployment Office in Dyersburg and played bridge once a month on Tuesday nights. While they worked, Poopie and I stayed at the same nursery. It was a beautiful one out in the country.

The friendship grew and I later worked at the local hospital where Poopie works to this day. I was assigned the title Admitting Clerk. My first day at work I was trained by the sweetest lady I think I will ever meet. None other than Poopie's grandmother GaGa. We grew to love one another dearly and I felt as if I had gained another grandmother.

Therefore, I know with the help of my friend I will be able to at least make a stab at this. I visited Pecan Lane (Poopie's Paradise) Saturday. We sat on the porch swing and watched the hummingbirds and all the other birds who came to nibble at her feeders. We walked around and looked at all of nature coming to bloom almost before our eyes.

The suds were flowing and we decided to create YaYa's corner and that is how it all began.

Thanks again for visiting me.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

In the beginning....

Hello... please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amy Claire. I am fast approaching 50 and still groovin' and movin'. My dear friend Poopie is trying to get me in this mode. Here's my first try. Wanna know about me? I have two daughter, Jane Carolyn, age 25;Rebecca Claire, age 23, and a grandson, Robert Christopher, age 26 months. The apple of my eye. Born and raised in Dyersburg, Dyer County, TN. Just a native...Love to live and laugh and love. Responsibility is my main concern. Got to keep my head up at all times. Just have the need to do that to survive. How'my doin' Poopie? Clue me in!!!

Hucklberry and the Easter Bunny